‘SoBe’ Elite Tee | A Closer Look

Coming up with t-shirt designs will never get old to me and I also have a bit of a problem when it comes to sneakers, so I really wanted to come up with a design around a pair of kicks. The Lebron “Miami Vice/South Beach” Elites proved to be one of the biggest releases of the year and is the inspiration behind our new ‘SoBe’ Elite Tee.

I wanted to make sure I paid attention to the details of the shoe, so I decided to print the inside tag in pink to match the inner sole of the sneaker and I also included a pink shoelace/banner for the sneakerheads thinking about switchin’ up the laces. To complete the design, I took a unique flip on the “South Beach/Miami Vice” theme and decided to turn the sneaker into a flamingo.

Check out more details at our online store here.

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